General Class & Scheduling Information

RescueTechs LLC works with interested sponsoring agencies to schedule courses for in-house delivery for all our programs.   Go here to learn more about all of our current offerings.

  • Course pricing is specific to a particular class.  Any prices quoted do not include any required hotel accommodations and/or airfare should they be required.  We will let you know what will be required and provide at-the-moment costs for the same.  While every attempt is made to find the best available lodging and airfare rates, these remain highly unpredictable for the foreseeable future. Please note: We have instructors in many different states depending on a particular program, and we will generally try to use the closest available instructors to your location.
  • When the course, format, and hours are established, instructors will be identified to work with the agency to develop a schedule to accommodate everyone.   The lead instructor will work closely with the sponsoring agency regarding needed class logistics, props, etc.  
  • The sponsoring agency will be responsible for advertising and student registrations.  We can provide a registration link that can be sent to the sponsoring agency to allow students to register in advance in our system, however, if not, this will be completed on the first day of class.
  • Each class requires a completed and signed agreement.  A course agreement will be prepared and can be executed electronically.  The agreement will spell out everything and should be carefully reviewed by the appropriate agency officials.  If there are any questions prior to signing the agreement, please feel free to contact us.
  • A down payment of 50% of the course fee. is to be returned with the signed agreement.  A course is not considered to be “confirmed” until the agreement and deposit are received. The remaining balance due will be payable on or prior to the first day of class.  A balance invoice will be sent approximately 30 days prior to the first day of class.
  • Most courses are limited to 22 students to ensure that each participant is afforded plenty of opportunity to practice skills.  Some classroom-only courses do allow for a higher number of students.  If the sponsoring agency wishes to have additional participants, that can be discussed, and course agreements amended to reflect that.  We require a minimum of 60 days’ notice to accommodate requests for additional students so that we can have the appropriate instructors available.
  • We train in all types of weather.  Courses scheduled in winter months will have a snow date(s) established, however, our goal is to conduct all training as scheduled.   One notable exception to this is the Grain Bin Rescue OPS/TECH-level program (day #2) WILL NOT be conducted in rain or snow for safety reasons, and we will work with your team to reschedule as appropriate.
  • Throughout the process from start to finish, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Please feel free to contact us via our CONTACT PAGE to discuss your training goals and objectives!