Heavy Rescue Technician-Level Training Program

Length of Course*: 16, 20, and 24 hours formats available.

Our philosophy…  Responding to heavy vehicle incidents involves more than just “cutting metal” and a rescuer’s training needs to reflect that…  This is why our training program includes and integrates all aspects of the response – responder safety, incident management, resource planning, mass casualty response, and rescue tools and equipment considerations just to name a few.  If you just want to cut, find another class, BUT if you want to function as a well-rounded rescuer/rescue company this is the program for you.

Course Goal:  The course is designed to train the student, who has operations level training in vehicle rescue, to perform a safe patient-oriented technical level rescue in the commercial vehicle and mass casualty environments, as a member of a technical level rescue team.  It focuses not only on the cutting and bending, but also includes incident management, resource planning, patient care considerations, tool skills and operational considerations when dealing with incidents involving large/commercial trucks and busses.  Where possible, tow/recovery operators are integrated into the field exercises.  This training is designed to meet NFPA 1670 Technician level, as well as the job performance requirements for NFPA 1006 Level II Vehicle and Machinery Technician.  (Note – this is strictly a training program and does not certify the student.)

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*We can customize course hours and materials to meet your agency’s training objectives.

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Please note…  Students participating in this training program MUST have a minimum of NFPA 1670 – Operations level training in vehicle rescue (in Pennsylvania, DOH Basic Vehicle Rescue) certification and/or certification as an NFPA 1006 Vehicle Rescue Technician Level I.  It is preferred that students also have incident management training at the NIMS ICS 200 level.

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