RescueTechs LLC is a emergency services training and consulting business started in 2013 and based in southeastern Pennsylvania. We specialize in all levels of vehicle/machinery extrication training and specialty farm/agricultural-related emergency response training. We are available to provide training throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally as requested. The company maintains professional liability insurance for all training programs.  Our instructors are a mix of industry professionals, all with extensive backgrounds in extrication operations and training.

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New for 2022…

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our course offerings beginning in 2022!  We will be adding expanded EMS course offerings and various other fire/rescue training.  We will also customize training for a sponsor’s specific training goals. 

In addition we are restructuring our training packages to give agencies more options, especially when it comes to the number of students.  We recognize that a one-size-fits-all student capacity is not the best for today’s emergency service organization.  Each agency has their unique needs and we can tailor training for various size groups.

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