New Vehicle Technology – Challenges & Solutions

Length of Course: 3 Hours                     Lecture/Lab Breakdown: 2/1

WRDGWEBThis interactive 3-hour classroom program is designed to update rescuers on the newest and most current information related to vehicle design; electric, hybrid, and other alternative energy propulsion systems; airbags and other supplemental restraints.  The program focuses on the “need-to-know” information for street rescuers so that they can perform a safe and quick patient-oriented rescue in the modern road vehicle.

Course Requirements:  The Organization needs to provide an appropriate classroom training facility with adequate chairs for all participants; a projection screen; and white/black board or easel.  A microphone and sound system capabilities may also be required as appropriate for larger venues.  To enhance this program we ask that organizations provide several vehicles to use for vehicle anatomy assessment demonstration and review.  These vehicles are for viewing purposes only, not for any other evolutions.  These should be newer model vehicles provided by local car dealership(s) with proper request and notice.  The instructor can provide additional information and guidance on obtaining the vehicles.



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