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The RescueTechs Mission

Provide public safety and industry professionals top quality expertise, training, and tools  to perform safe patient-oriented rescue from vehicles and agricultural equipment in an expedient manner.

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Have You Properly Secured the Vehicle?

Check out the Moditech monthly newsletter for March for a reprint of an article that was authored by Jörg Heck […]

Tesla Motors Releases Updated Emergency Response Guidance

Tesla Motors has just released updated first responder information that has been created together with Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. The […]

New Vehicle Rescue Technologies…

Many vehicle extrication instructors today refer to “new vehicle technology” (NVT for short) when they talk about many of the […]

Plan A Didn’t Work

A friend shared this photo with me a while back and it is a good reminder for rescuers today…

To Deflate…. or Not?

Recently, there have been more articles and discussions on rescuers utilizing tire deflation as part of vehicle stabilization at motor vehicle accidents. Some of the discussions raise concerns related to run-flat tires, low-profile tires, etc. and how they affect could potentially affect stabilization efforts. There are some in the business that insist that we must deflate tires at every scene (does it work if the car is on its roof?) However, is tire deflation even necessary in any scenario?