Tips & Tricks – Hydraulic Hoses

Do you ever get your hydraulic hoses tangled up and kinked when pulling them off of your hose reels? A seriously kinked hose can actually be physically damaged and require replacement.

Patrick Allinger, who is a vehicle rescue instructor for Weber Hydraulik in Germany and Austria, posted a YouTube video with a trick on how to keep hoses from causing problems. While the titles, etc. are in German, you will get a good idea on what to do just by watching Patrick in the video below. You can also view the video by going here.  You can also view the information he posted on his website by clicking here.  (Most web browsers will do a good job of translating the webpage to other languages.)

Patrick does a very good job of demonstrating how positioning the hoses before grabbing the tools, cuts down on kinks as well as allowing the rescuer to be much more maneuverable.  Give it a try and see how it works for you!

Patrick’s website is

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