The “Brotherhood”???

I usually write about rescue.  But after reading an on-line article this morning I feel somewhat vindicated over an opinion that I have expressed publicly in classes for several years.

I say this because I have been telling people that there is really not much of a “brotherhood” left in the fire service anymore. Some people agree with me, and then there are some that get upset and/or visibly mad when I say that “I don’t think the brotherhood exists”.  But in many cases the “brothers” getting mad are the ones that are causing the problem in the first place.  These self-described “brothers”, forget that this is badge of honor – NOT something that is given to them like a membership card.

Every member of the fire service, whether you agree or disagree with me, should read this excellent article by Daniel Byrne. He hits the nail on the head. It is unfortunate though that many will miss the author’s point and still run around making us all look bad.

Dan’s article:  The Erosion of The Brotherhood: Guardians Needed can be found at this link on

Take the time to read it and understand what the “brotherhood” is really all about.