Length of Course: 6 Hours                        Lecture/Lab Breakdown: 4/2

This is an enhanced version of our 3-hour classroom program.  The program is designed to provide a more in-depth review of the current trends in vehicle construction as it relates to patient extrication and care. It will enhance the rescuers situational awareness and assessment skills when it comes today’s vehicles.  Through a combination of classroom and practical activities rescuers are updated on the newest and most current information related to vehicle design.  Rescuers learn and practice the proper steps to managing and assessing vehicles.

Information is included on electric, hybrid, and other alternative energy propulsion systems; airbags and other supplemental restraints.  The program focuses on the “need-to-know” information for street rescuers so that they can perform a safe and quick patient-oriented rescue in the modern road vehicle.

The student is also introduced to vehicle assessment tools that are available to rescuers today.

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