Farm Tractor and Machinery Extrication

Tractors and machinery are involved in nearly 50% of farm deaths and disabling injuries so rural responders must be proficient in how to manage incidents involving this equipment whether on the farm or off.  The skills the student will learn in this program can be utilized on typical machines used both on the farm and in manufacturing industries, so this training program is applicable to non-rural emergency responders as well.  Students will learn how to develop rescue strategies from various types of tractor and machinery related rescue-incidents.

This is a 16-hour program that will challenge rescuers both mentally and physically.

Local resources and equipment that will be needed for training:

    • Classroom and seating for PowerPoint session
    • Farm equipment to use in rescue scenarios for cutting/dismantling including but not limited to: (min of 3 pieces of equipment required):
    • Operating tractor with loader or skid steer to stage scenarios
    • Farm tractor (non-operable) (we have a few available for classes in eastern and central PA)
    • Corn Pickers / Combines
    • Balers / 3 point implements
    • Mowers / brush hogs
    • Manure spreaders
    • Silage blowers
    • Skid steers (non-operable)
    • Any PTO/hydraulic equipment
    • Operating farm equipment for “show and tell” (no cutting) – If there is a local farm machinery dealer, class could be moved there for this portion of the program.)
    • A medium or heavy rescue unit dedicated to the training with appropriate tools/equipment for practical potion of class
    • Suggested but not required – additional mannequins for extrication scenarios
    • PPE required: Standard issued rescue gear: helmet, gloves, long pants, sturdy closed toe footwear, safety glasses, and hearing protection. Participation will NOT be permitted without required PPE.

Additional notes:  Local farmers, equipment dealerships, and repair shops are excellent resources for equipment needs.  FFA and 4-H groups have assisted with additional mannequins.

Course completion: All training courses are objective based. All participants who successfully complete the training will receive a course completion certificate.

For more information on pricing and available dates, please email