NFPA 1006 Technical Rescuer Standard Proposed Changes

Have you looked at the proposed changes to NFPA 1006 – Standard for Technical Rescue Personnel Professional Qualifications?  If not, allow me to broadly highlight a few of the proposed changes especially as they relate to the vehicle and machinery disciplines.

  • They have completely eliminated, what we have commonly refer to as, the Core/General Requirements. In other words, rope stuff has been eliminated in non-related disciplines. Instead they have taken the stance of being able to identify what the appropriate operational level is for each discipline (based on the scenario and the training/skill-level of the personnel). (1.5 Operational Levels.) This is something that I have long campaigned for, and now will allow rescuers to truly focus on the skills particular to the type of rescue that they want to train in.    (I will note that in past discussions with many people that there are varying opinions on the perceived or actual necessity to have some rope background for all rescuers and I can understand both sides of the coin. But I do think that there are many rescuers that were/are being held back from especially vehicle and machinery rescue certification because of this. The document language does include a statement that this is the minimum and the AHJ is not prohibited from requiring more skills, but by the same token, I believe that there must be a definable need to do so.)
  • The rope chapter (#5) contains some minor tweaks and portions of this chapter (primarily operations-level skills) become a pre-requisite set of skills for a few other related disciplines (c-space, etc.) but not vehicle or machinery.
  • Chapter 8 will now focus on “Common Passenger” Vehicle Rescue. And it looks at it at 3 levels:
    o Awareness – just that
    o Operations – performing extrication on a vehicle that is resting on four wheels.
    o Technician – performing extrication on a vehicle resting on its roof, side, or some other position.
  • There is now a chapter (#9) on “Heavy” Vehicle Rescue. Again, this looks at it from 3 levels, similar to the Chapter 8 skills. They have captured more of the technical level skills that are a part of the 1670 Technician Level materials, including winching, rigging, integrated operations, etc.  They are also placing emphasis on understanding weights, center of gravity, and calculating loads. For those who know me, you know that this has been something that I have been concerned with for years after watching the real potential for failures in heavy rescue classes/incidents because the rescuers do NOT understand these things.
  • Similar to chapters 8 and 9, Chapter 13 – Machinery Rescue no longer has a rope component, but the skills sets are divided slightly differently:
    o Awareness – just that
    o Operations – performing extrication on small machinery and seems to correlate from a skill set to Chapter 8.
    o Technician – performing extrication on large machinery and seems to correlate from a skill set to Chapter 9.

These are just a few of the highlights and I know many people who have particular interests in some other rescue disciplines so I encourage you to review the document. It is available by going to and clicking on “View Public Input”. You will be asked to “Sign-in or Create Your Profile and it is fairly easy to create a new account (and free!).

Based on the information I have seen so far, the second round of public input will be from February 27, 2019 through May 8, 2019.  I encourage everyone to review the document and discuss with your colleagues since there are significant changes to the document.