Extricate occupants quickly and safely using a digital mobile information system…

In case of serious accidents, seconds may make the difference between life and death, full recovery or a lifelong handicap. Emergency rescue teams have to be able to act immediately. Within the automotive industry, technological developments evolve at a high pace. But with these improvements, it has also become more difficult for rescue teams to extract people from vehicles involved in a crash. With the arrival of the Crash Recovery System (CRS), this controversy betweenCIVIC safety and accessibility has become history.

The Crash Recovery System is a software application   through which important up to date information regarding to safety systems in all current vehicle models can be accessed directly. Specially developed for rescue workers, it provides an invaluable source of information for extracting people from crash accident vehicles.

The vehicles can be selected by make, model, engine type, body style and model year (Standard Edition). After selecting the model, the interactive system displays a top and side view of the vehicle, indicating the safety features in various color schemes. The areas that require attention are marked in red.

Besides exact location and technical specifications of potentially hazardous components, it also indicates how they can be safely removed or disabled. In this way the Crash Recovery System ensures a swift and secure rescue operation.

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Here is an overview of the CRS:

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