2013 Ford CMax Hybrid

2013 Ford C-MAX HybridFor 2013, Ford Motor Company has introduced the CMax Hybrid to its North American line-up.  The CMax is only produced as an alternative energy source vehicle.  It does contain a small,  internal combustion engine to run a generator to keep the vehicle charged.  It is a very quiet vehicle as is typical with many alternative energy source vehicles.  Even when the small ICE is running you barely even hear that.

Here are a few shots of some of the rescue-relevant features of the vehicle.

Figure 1

The 12-volt battery is located in the rear of the vehicle (see figure 1) and is accessed by opening the hatch back and the lifting up the rear floor.  There is then a plastic lid that is removed to expose the battery connections.


Figure 2

The high voltage battery cutoff is behind the rear seat.  To access this switch, you need to fold down the driver’s side rear seat and access the small door directly behind the seat.  (see figure 2)

Figure 3

After you remove the access door you will find the high voltage controls.

The vehicle comes equipped with seven (7) standard airbags.  They are in the steering wheel, passenger side dash, driver’s knee bag, front seat side airbags, and driver and passenger side curtain airbags.



Download the Ford CMax ERG by clicking on this link: CMax_ERG