2018 Was Bad for Silo Fires; Be Prepared in 2019

The year 2018 was tough for the agricultural community throughout North America.  The weather wreaked havoc throughout the growing season which in some cases led to very marginal crops being harvested.  This resulted in a whole bunch of silo (both towers and bunkers) and grain bin fires.   And in some cases, local responders were not sure what to do with them.

Fires in tower silos are especially dangerous and fires in these structures have resulted in several firefighter deaths over the years.  Are you familiar with fires in these structures and how to deal with them.  The Penn State University has several programs to help responders learn how to deal with them, along with other resources to assist:

  • Farm Silo Awareness – 3 hours
  • Farm Silo Operations (includes awareness and basic firefighting operations) – 8 hours

2019 classes are already being scheduled and the calendar is filling quickly.  If your organization is interested in this training, please contact Stephen Brown (shb5060@psu.edu) for further information or to schedule a program.  Programs can be scheduled anywhere requested including outside of PA).  Also be sure to check out the PSU AgRescue Facebook page.