West Reading NVT Solutions Training 1-22-2014

This past Wednesday evening a new year of vehicle rescue training was started with a New Vehicle Technology Solutions course at the West Reading Fire Department.  The class, which discusses not only alternative fuels concerns, focuses on solutions to many problems that rescuers encounter today.  Advanced steel and construction features as well as supplemental restraints are some of the other rescue concerns discussed in this training.

WRDGWEBAt the completion of the classroom portion, participants were able to visualize many of the concerns discussed while looking at a new 2014 Toyota Pathfinder Hybrid, courtesy of Eisenhauer Nissan.  This vehicle utilizes advanced steels, multiple airbags, and other new features that could potentially pose concerns to rescuers.

The goal of this training program is to provide solutions to the challenges of new vehicle technology.  During this program, participants are introduced to the Moditech Crash Recovery System which displays the rescue-relevant features in vehicles.

Thank you to West Reading FD for sponsoring the class and to Eisenhauer Nissan for providing the Pathfinder!

If you are interested in scheduling training that focuses on rescue solutions, or would like to see the Moditech CRS, please feel free to contact me!