Silo Emergency Resources

Training Available:

Farm Silo Fire and Emergency Awareness (3 hours)

This program is specific to the forage silos commonly found in dairy and beef cattle operations. These structures have long been the sentinel of rural America, and can now stand over 140 feet tall. While many people, responders included, just see a “silo”, there are different types and designs that each require unique, and in some cases very drastic differences in the management of fires or rescues. The fact that fires or other emergencies are rare, many responders may not be aware of the differences and inherent dangers involved with operations in these structures. Not understanding the differences can lead to disastrous outcomes, and have led to fire firefighter deaths.

This program is intended to provide a basic overview of the types of silos and the hazards, dangers, and initial best practices for emergency response to incidents involving these structure. The simple premise of this program can be summed up as “what to do or not do in the first few minutes of a silo incident so that nothing blows up (it can happen) and no one gets hurt or killed.”

The program is not intended to teach specific and in-depth fire/rescue management tactics as to do so requires additional extensive training and understanding. However, the program will provide information on where to obtain additional training, and/or technical advice for these types of incidents.

Farm Silo Fire Operations (8 hours)

(includes awareness and basic firefighting operations)

For further information on training, go here.

Other Resources:

Silo Emergency Initial Actions Worksheet

Use this form to gather information and decide initial management steps for a silo-related emergency.  Download the Silo Worksheet here. (PDF format)

Silo Fire Decision Tree Form

Use this form from Penn State University after completing the worksheet to decide appropriate initial response actions for silo fires.  Download the form here. (PDF format)