“Scene Safety Stinks”

From Kyle Bates and the crew at First Few Moments:

Since we began our journey into the world of EMS we have heard, uttered, and been tested on the phrase: “Scene safety…BSI!”

This parrot phrase, which is spoken almost as much as the “eyes are PERL” and “I don’t see any DCAPBTLS,” has lost its purpose. It has become a check-off box on a skill sheet and becomes forgotten as we move along in our assessment process. However in real-life just saying, “Scene is safe,” doesn’t actually make it so. In fact, even if the scene WAS safe where we work is dynamic, it is always changing. Nowhere is this more evident then on the roadway. Within seconds your life, or those of your fellow responders, can be changed forever.

Join Steve Murphy, Tim Nonnan, Kyle David Bates, and our special guest Dr. Rich Gasaway as we explore a much better, yet underutilized concept: situational awareness (SA).

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