Farm/Agricultural Rescue Training

Farm and agricultural rescue training is conducted in cooperation with the PA State University Managing Agricultural Emergencies program.  Penn State’s PAgricultural Rescue Training is designed to help local emergency services develop strategies and procedures to be better prepared to respond to and manage on-farm emergencies. With this accomplished, better care will be provided for the victim. The better the care that is provided, the better the chances of survival.

Current programs available include:


    • Intro to Farm Emergencies – 6 hours*
    • Tractor Accidents – 8 hours*
    • Machinery Entanglements – 8 hours*
    • Farm Silo Awareness – 3 hours
    • Farm Silo Operations (includes awareness and basic firefighting operations) – 8 hours
    • Farm Silo Rescue – this would be a very customized course
    • Farm Confined Spaces – 6-8 hours covering all farm confined spaces
    • Grain Bin Rescue Operations – 6 hours with basic extrication operations
    • Grain Bin Rescue Technician – 20 hours soup-to-nuts program
    • Farm Chemical Emergencies – 8 hours

*Intro, Tractor, and Machinery can be combined into a single 20-hour program.

Other PSU courses available include Large Animal Rescue Training, Animal Emergencies in an Agricultural Environment, and Animals in Barn Fires.

For more information on any of these courses, contact us and we will help you get the training scheduled!