Come Join Us in Georgia – NAHRS 2019

Are you ready to challenge your extrication skills and take them to the next level?  Then you don’t want to miss out being a part of the North American Heavy Rescue Symposium 2019 being held in Covington, Georgia.  This 4-day training events runs from June 4 to June 7, 2019.  There are 12 different sessions to choose from and the best part is that each student will get to participate in 3 of them.  The lead instructors for this event are some of the best in the field and have come together to provide a top notch training event.

Here is a list of all the sessions and the lead instructors for each:

“Cars Hanging Around” – Taught by Les Baker
“Bus Extrication & Rescue” – Taught by Jim Bolton
“Advanced Rapid Response Extrication” – Taught by Jason Defosse
“A Methodical Approach to Heavy Vehicle Rescue” – Taught by Jeff Hakola
“Patient Vehicle Movement” – Taught by Toranze Lee
“Extrication Confined”- Taught by Steve Jason
“Lifting Struts As An Active Rescue Tool” – Taught by Cris Pasto
“Real World Stabilization” – Taught by Tim O’Connell
“Up On Red” – Taught by Robert Hnatko
“Farm Tractor and Machinery Rescue” – Taught by Eric Rickenbach
“Big Rig HOT” – Taught by Randy Schmitz
“Over the Road Incident Extrication” – Taught by Todd Taylor
“Bridge Collapse Extrication” – Taught by Randy Wells

My session will focus on farm tractor and machinery accidents.  They tend to happen very infrequently but when they do, they are usually serious and require special skills and good teamwork by all the responders on scene. Today, many responders may not be familiar with the equipment involved and the tools and techniques needed to perform a safe patient-oriented rescue. This scenario-based hands-on training will allow the student a chance to practice for these types of incidents to be better prepared to serve their farm community. Many of the techniques that the students will learn have application in other non-farm emergencies that involve machines as well.

More more information and to register go to the NAHRS 2019 website:

Hope to see you there!