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Are We Moving Too Fast?

By Eric J. Rickenbach “I feel the need. The need for_______.” Most people can quote this famous line from Tom Cruise’s 1986 hit movie Top Gun.  But for purposes of discussion, I left off the last words.  I did this because when it comes to today’s vehicle extrication process we need to think about what […]

ICS, Training, and Situational Awareness for Technical Rescue Incidents

Recently, NIOSH issued the summary of their investigation into the line-of-duty death of a volunteer firefighter that occurred during a technical rescue on February 1, 2014.  The death occurred when the firefighter was struck by a cell tower that collapsed. While this report does not specifically deal with vehicle/farm rescue, it still is a technical rescue […]

Too Many “Rescue Companies”???

I am conducting a completely un-scientific poll about the number of “rescue companies” that are out there today… Are there too many? …too few?  …or you’re not sure?  I am keeping the question very generic as well because this could easily be one of those “what if” or “because” debates…  Plain and simple – do […]

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Is Re-Programming Our Thoughts on Extrication Necessary?

Increasingly over the past few years, I have had some interesting discussions on various vehicle rescue topics which have centered on why we do what we do.  By this I mean, it seems that we have been “programmed” to do or not do certain things.  Unfortunately, this “programming” may or may not be helping us […]

Vehicle Rescue Training – Using the News

As some of you may be aware, there was a very large vehicle accident on Interstate 78 in Bethel Township, Lebanon County, PA this past Saturday (2/13/16).  Although this is not far from my home, I was not personally on the scene as I was called in to work in our State’s Emergency Operations Center. […]

Southeastern Extrication School 2016

The Southeastern Extrication School gives students the opportunity to learn from nationally recognized instructors and take one of several rare training sessions. These training sessions concentrate on the fundamentals necessary to handle complex extrication scenes. The Darlington County Extrication Team is proud to announce the 8th Annual Southeastern Extrication School, March 12-13, 2016. Our goal […]

Beware elevated risk for silo gas right now, farm safety expert warns

This article provided by: Davis Hill, PSU PAgricultural Rescue Training Program Manager. September 29, 2014 UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A recent death and serious injury resulting from gases inside a Lancaster County silo are grim reminders to those working and living on farms that gases produced during the fermentation process can be deadly, according to […]

The Tailboard Isn’t Used Enough

When was the last time your department used the tailboard on the apparatus? – No, I don’t mean riding the tailboard to calls – which in and of itself was an art. – I mean using the tailboard for training. Recently, I taught some evening classes with departments I work with regularly, and after the “formal” training […]