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Are We Moving Too Fast?

By Eric J. Rickenbach “I feel the need. The need for_______.” Most people can quote this famous line from Tom Cruise’s 1986 hit movie Top Gun.  But for purposes of discussion, I left off the last words.  I did this because when it comes to today’s vehicle extrication process we need to think about what […]

ICS, Training, and Situational Awareness for Technical Rescue Incidents

Recently, NIOSH issued the summary of their investigation into the line-of-duty death of a volunteer firefighter that occurred during a technical rescue on February 1, 2014.  The death occurred when the firefighter was struck by a cell tower that collapsed. While this report does not specifically deal with vehicle/farm rescue, it still is a technical rescue […]

Too Many “Rescue Companies”???

I am conducting a completely un-scientific poll about the number of “rescue companies” that are out there today… Are there too many? …too few?  …or you’re not sure?  I am keeping the question very generic as well because this could easily be one of those “what if” or “because” debates…  Plain and simple – do […]

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Propane Powered School Buses (and Other Alternative Fuels)

Propane and natural gas powered school buses are becoming more common today


Have you seen the new TESLA X? This vehicle poses some unique challenges for rescuers, and not just because it is an electric car!

Extrication…  Is It All About Speed?

I got a chance to have a phone conversation with a fellow rescue instructor and he was telling me about a vehicle rescue class that he took as a student.  Getting the chance to do that every so often helps improve instructors by getting to see new and different approaches to extrication.  While not wishing to […]

Reoccurring Themes of Manure Gas Deaths

A reminder that this is a dangerous season for manure gas production and ask that everyone always work with care and awareness. Below is an article and information from Robb Meinen, Penn State Dept. of Animal Science (Contact at: There have been 2 deaths this month near manure storages. Here are news article links: Michigan Wisconsin   Attached […]

Oxygen Limiting Silos Responder Safety Reminder

On Monday, July 18, 2016, there was a successful rescue from an oxygen limiting silo (Harvestore) in Lancaster County PA . While the information on that specific incident is still being put together into a usable format, it is a good reminder to review emergency response procedures for these structures.  It’s the time of the year when […]