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Are We Moving Too Fast?

By Eric J. Rickenbach “I feel the need. The need for_______.” Most people can quote this famous line from Tom Cruise’s 1986 hit movie Top Gun.  But for purposes of discussion, I left off the last words.  I did this because when it comes to today’s vehicle extrication process we need to think about what […]

ICS, Training, and Situational Awareness for Technical Rescue Incidents

Recently, NIOSH issued the summary of their investigation into the line-of-duty death of a volunteer firefighter that occurred during a technical rescue on February 1, 2014.  The death occurred when the firefighter was struck by a cell tower that collapsed. While this report does not specifically deal with vehicle/farm rescue, it still is a technical rescue […]

Too Many “Rescue Companies”???

I am conducting a completely un-scientific poll about the number of “rescue companies” that are out there today… Are there too many? …too few?  …or you’re not sure?  I am keeping the question very generic as well because this could easily be one of those “what if” or “because” debates…  Plain and simple – do […]

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Not if… But when…

Recently I was invited to participate in a podcast with the crew from First Few Moments on the safety of the public and responders at incidents.  Click here to go to the podcast page and take a listen to this important discussion.

2013 Ford CMax Hybrid

For 2013, Ford Motor Company has introduced the CMax Hybrid to its North American line-up.  The CMax is only produced as an alternative energy source vehicle.  It does contain a small,  internal combustion engine to run a generator to keep the vehicle charged.  It is a very quiet vehicle as is typical with many alternative […]