Are Your Tools Up to the Task?

A recent article in the Ridgefield Press – a newspaper covering Ridgefield, Connecticut and surrounding areas highlighted the local fire department’s issues related to utilizing older hydraulic rescue tools.  It discusses the problems with older tools and new vehicle technology, and the department’s decision to purchase new tools.  The article can be found here: Ridgefield Press article

Has your department recently looked at your hydraulic rescue tool cache and its capabilities?  If not, you may find out that they are not up to the task of handling new vehicle technology.  And the time to find this out is NOT at an emergency scene with people trapped.  Take the time to research what tools are out there and see what will work best for your operation. 

Departments also need to keep in mind that hydraulic rescue tools are a large dollar investment.  It may take some time to figure out where the funds to update/replace tools will come from.  But don’t wait to figure this stuff out – new vehicle technology is only going to become increasingly difficult to manage without the proper tools. 

So what do you think?  Are your tools up to the task???

(Thanks to Rom Ducksworth – Rescue Digest for sharing the article.)