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The RescueTechs Mission

Provide public safety and industry professionals top quality expertise, training, and tools  to perform safe patient-oriented rescue from vehicles and agricultural equipment in an expedient manner.

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Latest Articles

Detroit Auto Show… (Part 1)

A look at the current and future of vehicle extrication…

Gassing an Oxygen-Limiting Silo

A fire in an oxygen-limiting silo is a very difficult scenario that requires a very slow and methodical approach to control and extinguish.  Immediately putting water into this type of structure can cause an all sorts of dangers, including the chance for an explosion, to emergency responders.

What’s Your Vehicle Rescue Resolution?

The new year is upon us. How many have made any vehicle rescue resolutions?

Propane Powered School Buses (and Other Alternative Fuels)

School buses (and other vehicles) are being powered in increasing numbers by propane and other alternative fuels. Rescuers need to train on all propulsion systems.


Have you seen the new TESLA X? This vehicle poses some unique challenges for rescuers, and not just because it is an electric car!